About laurie

After leaving art school, life took a turn toward media design and development. I am now working full- time working in and around my barn/studio.

Recent Paintings:

The images in my paintings consist of objects found in and around my barn. Some left behind, some uncovered, and others discovered during the building process. For example, the bailing twine, used in a horse drawn reaper/binder, was left in the barn and the muffler and calf bell were found while re-building stone walls and creating gardens. The wood shavings and blocks were gathered from the most recent studio construction.

ArtSite App for Art Education:

While online, 'ArtSite' was downloaded by over 79,000 teachers and students. ArtSite began as software and then moved to the Internet when the iPad App was launched. The goal was to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a global view of history and civilization. Teachers were able to create an online Museum by downloading images and descriptions from Museum and Gallery websites. Students created their own Galleries by writing about Museum pages or finding new images online. Students could also create a Portfolio of thier own artwork by uploading images and writing about thier art. Museum, Gallery, and Portfolio pages could be shared via the app or website as well as teacher-approved comments and email. A complete set of management tools allowed teachers to keep track of students over the years.

Previous software and web based products:

Ideadisc - an interactive CD for students to learn through the artwork of their peers. It featured student art, the materials used, and the idea behind each project. It was delivered in a simple point and click CD-ROM. Ideadisc won the National Education Media Network Gold Apple of Excellence and was featured on the Kennedy Center's website.

Images of the Whole - a collaboration with my late husband, Colin Greenly, this CD-ROM explored how an artist sees the world through images, video, and interactive visual puzzels.

ArtWebsite - a ready-made online student gallery. The student gallery, class descriptions, and educational web links were designed to give parents and the community insight into the importance of art in education.

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